Thursday, October 11, 2012

Foghorn Leghorn size wings at the Hay Merchant...

...and I ain't telling no tall tale. Just look at the size of those wings!!!! Lordy, Lordy, I swear that ol' chicken hawk caught up to Foghorn Leghorn, but I think Foghorn is a bit too crafty for that.

The wings at the Hay Merchant are huge. They come three to a plate and they fill up the plate nicely. Since, I'm not telling any tall tales, I will tell you why I ended up at the Hay Merchant in the first place. I was craving a Korean Fried Chicken dish that I used to get at Nabi's. Sadly, Nabi's has left the city, but it didn't stop the craving. I was driving around in my neighborhood, trying to figure out where I could find something similar. My taste buds told my car to drive to the Hay Merchant. Smart car for listening!!! I found a parking place straight away, a good sign, if ever there was one. The parking lot was full except for the one spot.

I sat at a table near the bar, great service by the way!!!! I looked over the menu. Immediately saw fried chicken, but that wasn't exactly the fried chicken I was looking for. I wanted chicken with a kick to it. Then I saw the Vietnamese Chicken Wings.

The description sold me right away. Wings lightly dusted with flour fried up in a caramelized fish sauce with local honey. My taste buds knew that we had landed in the right place. I ordered some fries, to go along with the wings. Got to get those veggies in somehow. (I say that tongue in check.)

To wash it all down, I had the Bombshell Blonde Shandy. This drink was mixed with Bombshell Blonde Ale and house made lemon-ginger soda. It was the perfect drink for the meal; tangy, sweet and perky.
Sometimes it pays to let your taste buds do the driving.

Quote of the Day: "Walky, Talky, Hawky" A Loony Tunes cartoon.
The Hay Merchant
1100 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006
(713) 528-9805

Sunday, October 7, 2012

I'm just wild about Harry and Harry's just wild.....

about breakfast!!!!!!

 I stopped in Harry's on Tuam, which turns into Fairview, for a late breakfast.

The place was packed, a line for a table, so I took the empty seat at the counter. It was on the end, so I had plenty of room to pull out my camera (phone) and notepad. The very best thing about Harry's is the fresh squeezed orange juice. They have a juicer out in plane view, squeezing OJ like there's no tomorrow.

Something else I like about Harry's, they make Buckwheat pancakes. Something that is good for wheat sensitive people like me. (I still eat wheat, but the Buckwheat offers a nice break.) They have great basic breakfast and I love breakfast. The pancakes come with two eggs and two strips of bacon.

More than enough to cover breakfast and lunch, which is exactly what it did.  I have never had any other meal at Harry's, perhaps I need to try lunch. They are not open for dinner.

Quote of the Day: I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at any time". So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.---Steven Wright
Harry's Restaurant & Cafe
318 Tuam Street 
Houston, TX 77006