Saturday, May 26, 2012

El Real #7 taking over the Tower.... in theater, which was a movie theater, then a Hollywood Video store and prior to that it served as  a venue for live performances. The Tower Theater was built in 1936, during the art deco heyday, had its grand opening on Valentine's Day of that year. El Real #7 pays homage to that history by showing old movies on a large screen at the south end of the restaurant. No sound, just moving pictures, which is probably the only way that could work.
Placed on my table was a basket of warm crispy tortilla chips and a small caldron full of steaming salsa, which is very flavorful without blowing your mouth out. I have a wimpy palette, maybe sensitive or delicate or intuitive would be better words or not. I like spicy, just not on overdrive. This salsa hit the mark!

I went at lunch time. They have a lunch menu with lunch time prices, a good deal. I chose a combination plate, which included a chicken enchilada with tomatillo sauce, chicken tamale, and crispy beef taco, refried beans and rice. To be honest I wasn't crazy about the rice, but that is a pretty minor point considering that the rest of the food was very good Tex Mex. It felt as though a Mariachi Band was playing "Cielito Lindo" in my tummy. Contentment for sure.

Oh! and those of us living in zip codes 77006, 77019 and 77098, Monday is Montrose Monday with 50% off all food. That's a deal!!!
There is a big patio area facing Westheimer.

I asked the waiter what #7 meant. He said that it is an arbitrary number. Maybe, the owner chose it much like Jack Daniel's chose his #7, some say because it is a lucky number.

The restaurant has friendly helpful staff.

Quote of the day: "I need, therefore I imagine." Carlos Fuentes

El Real #7
1201 Westheimer Road
Houston, TX 77006

(713) 524-1201

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