Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bernie, where have you been all my life....

on a bus flipping burgers it would appear.
Bernie's Burger Bus is a great place for, what else, burgers!!!
I saw this yellow school bus parked in the the Inversion Coffee House parking lot on Montrose at lunch time and I stopped, because I was hungry and it's hard to say no to a burger. I was hoping that it was a good burger, considering that it is in a yellow school bus and let's face it, school burgers weren't so good where I came from, more grain than meat, and they weren't going for a veggie burger either. Bernie's did not disappoint. The meat was high quality, freshly ground accompanied by a Slow Dough Bun (the best in town) and condiments made from Bernie's recipes including the ketchup and mayo. Bernie is not the owner, he is the grandfather of the owner.
I love the fact that generations are honored. I have seen this in several of the food trucks that I have visited.

I opted for the Principal and hand cut fries. It comes with mayo, ketchup, shredded lettuce, onions and roasted garlic tomatoes. Make sure you specify how you want your burger cooked. They come a little rare and that's okay, if that is how you like your burger.
I love the fact that they hand the burger to you in a brown paper sack. School lunch, anyone?
Now for the reveal. Look at this burger. Yummmmmmmy!!!
The owner/chef is Justin Turner, Bernie's grandson.

Quote of the day: "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today," Wimpy said to Popeye.

Here is Bernie's Web site. It will tell you where the bus stops.

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