Thursday, July 4, 2013

Baking Soda tempers smelly armpits...

no matter the heat.

After I went through menopause, I could not control the horrendously bad odor wafting out from my armpits.  Trying not to raise my arms or stand near people only worked when I was alone, lying on my sofa watching old movies. Antiperspirants didn't even work, something I had managed to avoid using for a few years, but thought needed a second look.  Antiperspirants are not so good for my body, they clog up my armpit pores and make unsightly stains on white shirts. That is a whole other issue for another day.  Anyway, I did some poking around on the Web and found mention of baking soda as a alternative to deodorant. I was thinking, baking soda comes in handy for so many things, why not, but then, I was like how do you get it to stay under your arms. After a little experimenting, I discovered that it doesn't require a lot of baking soda to quell that strong offensive smell. Just a hint will do.

Pour just a little in your hand,

dust it off

and what remains on your hands,
pat it onto your arm pit.
I still perspire, but I don't stink to high heaven. It's economical, too, which is always a plus!!!

Quote of the Day: "Success is a great deodorant." Elizabeth Taylor


  1. I have been doing the same for a few weeks now. I love it and I dont stink either. I was just reading about adding cornstarch to the baking soda. So I am going to try that for a bit.

    1. I haven't tried mixing it with corn starch, but I find it so amazing how well the baking soda works.

  2. I have been using dry baking soda for a few weeks now. It works great and no smell is a plus! I just read about baking soda and cornstarch mixed as a deoderant. I am going to try that for a bit.