Friday, July 20, 2012

Wild Salmon Burger caught doing the Watusi at...

... the Field of Greens Healthy Cuisine Restaurant or was that me doing the Watusi after eating the Wild Salmon Burger.  Either way it's a great sandwich. I go there specifically for it. I crave it, I want it, so I go get it. I can feel my booty and feet moving just thinking about it.
The wild caught salmon patty is grilled perfectly leaving it moist yet firm. Served on a sprouted grain Ezekiel bun,  it comes with a choice of soup, salad or fries. I usually get the salad, because it is such a nice companion to the burger.
This casual restaurant offers Vegetarian, Vegan and Raw menu items as well. To be honest I have only had the Wild Salmon Burger. I vow that I am going to try something else, but that never happens. Let me know if you try something else. I bet it will be good. I did notice that they use Gluten-Free pasta and they put a notice on their menu to please notify them of any food allergies. They are clearly looking out for our best interest.

I snagged this description from Wikipedia in regard to the Watusi.
In the classic Watusi, the dancer is almost stationary with knees slightly bent, although may move forward and back by one or two small rhythmic paces. The arms, with palms flat in line, are held almost straight, alternately flail up and down in the vertical. The head is kept in line with the upper torso but may bob slightly to accentuate the arm flailing. The dance, which became popular in the American surf/beach sub-culture of 1960s, may be enhanced if one imagines that one's feet are on sand.

Visit the Field of Greens Healthy Cuisine
The Field of Greens
2320 W. Alabama
Houston, TX 77098


  1. Thumbs up! I have never met a salmon burger that i like so I'll have to try it sometime. On a side note..... I had duck I named Watusi one time!

  2. Give it a try. Let me know. Watusi is a great duck name.