Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hot Doggies to the Rescue, go Hot Doggies go.... Good Dog Hot Dogs Food Truck!

The hot dogs are all natural, made in Texas with condiments lovingly crafted from the owner's grandmother's recipes and then all stuffed into artisan buns. (not artist's buns) The potato chips are crispy and handmade. Nothing comes out of prepackaged bags.

When you see this truck. STOP and have a GOOD DOG!!!!

I ordered the Globby Slaw Dog and added chili. The slaw is made from sliced apples and shredded cabbage, mixed together with horseradish mayo sauce. Globby good, is what it is.  So memorable, that on a road trip this weekend I had a taste for something and as I thought back on the flavors and tied them to the food, it was the Globby Slaw Dog that registered. I was 100 miles from Houston, with no way to get one, but I savored the memory of it and that appeased my taste buds somewhat.
Chips and Globby Slaw Dog. The Chili is under the slaw. Really memorable.

The owners and operators are Daneil Caballero and Amalia Pferd.  I asked Amalia why a food truck and why hot dogs. She said that the start up costs are low and the resale of the truck is very close to what you pay for it and that she loves hot dogs.
Owners/Operators Amalia Pferd and Daniel Caballero. (Sorry Daniel that I caught you in mid blink.)

A little hot dog history from Wikipedia.
Somehow or other a frankfurter and a roll seem to go right to the spot where the void is felt the most. The small boy has got on such familiar terms with this sort of lunch that he now refers to it as "hot dog." "Hey, Mister, give me a hot dog quick," was the startling order that a rosy-cheeked gamin hurled at the man as a Press reporter stood close by last night. The "hot dog" was quickly inserted in a gash in a roll, a dash of mustard also splashed on to the "dog" with a piece of flat whittled stick, and the order was fulfilled.
—Paterson Daily Press, Dec. 31, 1892, pg. 5
Good Dog Hot Dogs

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