Friday, March 23, 2012

Get to the Roots Bistro of the matter....

..and I did with pleasure!!! I started my meal with one of Roots Bistros' fresh organic juice combinations. I opted for the Carrot/Ginger, juiced to order.  Great choice. Loaded with ginger, giving it a loud peppery taste, cooled and soothed with the sweetness of the carrot. Other juice combos listed Kale/Carrot and Cucumber/Cilantro (which sounds really good).

Truth be told, had I stopped at the carrot/ginger juice I would have left there a happy girl, but I didn't and gladly so.
Big Eye Tuna

It was a goodly amount of tuna. I took what was left home.
I settled on the Big Eye Tuna with Local Spinach, seaweed topped off with pomegranate. The tuna is seared on one side and left to its naturalness on the other. It's kind of like a big piece of sashimi. Very rich, very satisfying. The greens and the pomegranate add a nice twist.
The menu changes daily in accordance with what is available locally. Love that. The left over menus are then cut up to make coasters. Love that, too.

I also had dessert, the fire roasted coconut milk doughnut. YESSS, it was very tasty. It is made in their wood burning pizza oven. It is dusted with a roasted almond, sugar, salt "dirt" to enhance the sweetness of the doughnut. Served with two large beautiful strawberries.

The executive chef is German Mosquera. This restaurant is his brain child.

On the walls are large paintings. I couldn't stop looking at them. They are celebrity oriented, normally not my cup of tea, but there is something so very appealing about these paintings. Bold, honest, beautiful. The painter is Wayne McDonald. His studio is in the Heights. My camera didn't do the paintings justice, but you can get an idea. I was told that he paints with his fingers and toothpicks. Amazing. They are worth a look.

Marilyn's Eyes by
Wayne McDonald
617 W. 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008

Roots Bistro
507 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77006

Love the gardening tools as accents for their patio.

Quote for the day: "One cannot think well, sleep well, love well. If one has not dined well."
Virginia Woolf.

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