Saturday, March 3, 2012

What's your favorite potato salad and where did you learn to make it?

This is the potato salad that my mom taught me to make, she learned it form her mother, Elsie, I'm not sure where Elsie learned to make it, maybe she was the originator. I will have to ask my mom.

It's simple, not too many ingredients and it doesn't take long to make.  I really love this potato salad. Maybe it's because it reminds me of home and good food and summers playing in wheat fields, clover patches, hide and go seek, olly, olly, oxen free, sweet corn and snap peas, Red Rover, Red Rover. I get to craving this potato salad so much that I make it just for me and eat it, and only it for my supper. 
I made a very small amount using two red potatoes and two eggs a few slices of chopped onions, a couple tablespoons of mayo, etc.

I think potato salad is like chili or stew or cole slaw, it has a lot of variations and interpretations. I've liked most potato salads that I've had. There is a potato salad that my friend Stephen makes, that is so different than mine, but I love it, too. He usually serves his with gumbo.

Here is the Kansas, Phyillis, Elsie version.
Boil red potatoes until done, remove the skins
Use the same water and boil your eggs, shell them
Chop a yellow onion
Prepared yellow mustard (no dijon mustard for this recipe)
Sweet relish

The amounts will vary on how much potato salad that you want to make.
If you want a lot, 8 to 10 med. red potatoes will do, along with 6 to 8 eggs.
Put hot potatoes with skin off and shelled boiled eggs in a bowel, take a large knife and slice them up in chunks, salt the potatoes and eggs.
Add your chopped onions and the sweet relish
Make your potato salad dressing by stirring together Mayo, prepared mustard and adding some sweet relish in this mixture.The ratio of Mayo to Mustard is about 4 to 1. (More Mayo than Mustard.) Taste this dressing to make sure it has the right mixture of sweet and tart.

This potato salad goes great with fried chicken, ham, smoked turkey and of course as a dish all its own.

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