Monday, March 26, 2012

Sorrel Urban Bistro for brunch, Oh my..... was Sunday, sunny and noon, time for food. Time for BRUNCH!!!! Sorrel Urban Bistro was a great choice. Look what I had!!! Seared scollops, bacon, poached egg, mixed greens with a simple vinaigrette. This was done so beautifully that I just had to take a lot of pictures. And so tasty, too. Scallops are one of my all time favorite foods and these were perfect. What a combination!!!!

My notes: I feel comfortable here. It is fun to share meals with friends, but that isn't always possible, it is nice to be welcomed into a restaurant as a woman dining alone and feel comfortable. It is so today. The dress of the patrons range from sportcoats, ties, slacks, dresses, pearls, heels to t-shirts, shorts and flipflops. Service is the same regardless. I like that. At the host station is a monitor that has real time video of the kitchen. Now that's trust. I guess that goes along with their open kitchen, where guests are encouraged to watch the food being prepared and cooked.

And yes, I had dessert. I do have a sweet tooth and my hips are saying okay, lets add a little extra sway to and fro. There were three desserts to choose from, no, I did not get all three, but I settled on the Creme Brulee, a favorite of mine. It was very creamy with a good flavor. Clean, fresh.
This is a friendly restaurant with wait staff that know the menu and who are attentive without being over bearing.

Sorrel Urban Bistro
2200 West Alabama
Houston, TX 77098
Executive Chef, Soren Pederson

Quote of the day: A smiling face is half the meal. Latvian Proverb.

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