Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pad Thai in a box...

...let it out.

I like to make things from the ground up, but I haven't ventured into Asian cooking much, I don't own a Wok. It is my goal by the end of the year to make Pad Thai without a box in a Wok.  It's the sauce that I'm most unfamiliar with, ingredients that I've never used, never shopped for, but for now, this boxed up version works for me. It comes with rice noodles and the sauce, the rest is totally up to me. This may sound silly, but it has taken me some time to even get the boxed version of Pad Thai right. Gratefully, it came together yesterday and thank goodness, because I was having a craving for it.  Like most things I cook, Pad Thai has a very forgiving nature. It allows the lea way to use a variety of proteins, vegetables and herbs, adding as little or as much as you want.

For those gluten-free friends, it says that it is gluten-free. The sauce uses corn starch to thicken it and the noodles are rice.
For this Pad Thai in a box, I used Buddy's Chicken Tenders.

In a pan, heat Canola Oil, throw in a pinch of salt and add fresh chopped ginger, then sautee the tenders until cooked, add in two or three chopped green onions.

Chicken Tenders with salt and fresh ginger.
Fry up an egg.

slice some lime

Cilantro fresh from the garden!!!!

Green onions cooked and raw.
Peanuts can go halved or finely chopped.
 Fry up an egg, set it aside. Slice your lime, chop up more green onions. Add your prepared noodles and sauce to the chicken, stir and keep on the heat for five or so minutes. Throw it on a plate, top with the egg, peanuts, chopped raw green onions, Cilantro. After the Pad Thai is on your plate, squeeze a wedge of lime all over it. The sauce is kind of sweet and the lime adds flavor and takes the sweet down a notch.
It is pretty, Okay, really.
Quote of the Day!
"When baking follow directions, when cooking, go by your own taste." Lailco Barhs

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