Thursday, March 8, 2012

Little Pappas, Big Fun....

...and a favorite. Again dining with David, never a dull conversation there. He's always up to some kind of shenanigans. It makes it fun.
Where's Waldo?

I think this Pappas Seafood is my favorite, because it has a smaller dinning area than most of their restaurants and there's never a wait.

Of course, when you go to lunch at 11 AM, there wouldn't be, I suppose. Anyway, the food is always consistently good and the service is splendid. David always gets the Fried Shrimp Lunch special.

It comes with shrimp, fries and cole slaw. It always pleases me that he orders this, because after some pleading and finagling he hands over the cole slaw that he never eats.

He finds cole slaw a useless side to his shrimp. I on the other hand love cole slaw and Little Pappas' cole slaw is quite good. I sometimes snag a shrimp, too.

I usually order the grilled salmon with fresh ginger. It is really good. It comes with green beans with toasted almonds on top.
All meals are served with hot bread.
Is that a loaf of bread or are just happy to see me?

Little Pappas Seafood Kitchen (South Shepherd and W. Alabama)
3001 South Shepherd
Houston, TX 77098

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