Friday, February 24, 2012

Free Stern and House Fried Rice to gooooo.....

....if you please.

It wasn't Saturday, but there David and I were at Bamboo House, having a Tasty Lunch. We usually go on a Saturday, but I was craving Chinese food, so it was Thursday, instead of Saturday.  David ordered his usual chicken egg rolls to eat in the restaurant and the house friend rice to take home for microwaving later for dinner. David finds these egg rolls quite satisfactory.

Just a side note, David is an excellent shopper, he really likes the writings of Christopher Hitchens and he thinks the movie "Eyes Wide Shut" by one of his idols, Stanley Kubrick is brilliant. Oh, and he is is fond of Howard Stern.

So,  I had the Spicy Chicken, prepared not so spicy per my request, but still with plenty of flavor, served with brown rice, got to get my whole grains in when I can. I like the Bamboo House, it is quiet, with classical music playing over the PA. The decor is modern, warm earth tones, with tables and booth seating. The food is freshly prepared with quality ingredients.
Bamboo House
540 Waugh Drive
Houston, TX 77019

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