Monday, February 6, 2012

Go forth and poach .....

...eggs that is. Try this quick and easy egg with organic spinach recipe.  Eggs have gotten a bad rap lately, but they seem to have washed the egg off their face and become the darlings of the food world again. They are  a great source of protein and other essential nutrients.
Poached eggs with spinach

Poached egg and spinach. 
In water, put two tablespoons of blood orange olive oil, and two tablespoon of rice wine vinegar, 

throw in a pinch of gray salt, bring water to a rolling boil, crack your eggs and drop them in, 
skim egg white form from water,

drop in a bowl full of organic spinach, about three cups. 

Gently stir in the spinach.  

All done in three minutes or so, scoop the eggs out first, then the spinach with a slotted spoon. Place eggs and spinach on a piece of toasted sprouted grain bread. Top it off with a tiny sprinkle of salt. Simple and so Yummmy!!!

A note about the olive oil. It is made in Wimberley, TX by the First Texas Olive Oil Company. It is extra virgin, cold pressed infused with blood orange. I love this olive oil. I have basted a chicken and made salad dressing with it. For more about this company check out their Web site:
First Texas Olive Oil Company

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