Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Hillstone, It's Houston's, It's Hillstone, It's Houston's????

Okay, call me crazy, but I didn't know that Houston's had been taken over by Hillstone or was called Hillstone Houston's. I need to get out more. I went to what I thought was Houston's on Sunday. The outside of the restaurant says Hillstone, Houston's is painted on the glass entrance door. I went with David, his idea. The menu seems similar to Houston's, but it seems to be a bit pricier than it used to be. David had the Prime Rib au Jus sandwich.

He immersed himself in it. Dipping the sandwich in the au jus and chowing down. David can be a bit persnickety  about where and what he eats, so I take my hat off to Houston's or Hillstone for making a very satisfactory sandwich. David will attest to that.

I had the hamburger, the meat is ground fresh every morning. It was a good burger, not stellar, but it was pretty good.
Hillstone or Houston's
4848 Kirby Dr.
Houston, TX 77098

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