Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Nice buns, Hubcap!!!!.....

Yesterday, I tried a new place, the Hubcap Grill, the one in the Heights, there may be one downtown. They have burgers, fries and beer, with sodas and bottled water thrown in for good measure. The day was perfect for trying out this burger place. Blue skies, low humidity, mild temperature and plenty of sunshine.

This is some good burger. Lean ground beef on a bun that is real. The bun is important, because if it is too soft, the burger gets sloppy and it's had to pick it up, if it is too hard, well it falls a part and you can't pick up your burger, I think you see where I'm going with this. Great bun!!

There are specialty burgers and fries to choose from.  I opted for a chili onion burger and regular fries. A good choice, indeed. The chili had good flavor that didn't overpower the burger. The fries were skin on fresh.

The patio area is huge and I'm sure quite the party place.

You step up to the window and place your order. It is all very friendly. They call out your number on the PA system, loud and clear.

The jukebox has good speakers with a great selection of blues and rock n' roll. A $1 will get you four tunes. 

And beers, lots of beers. I had a St. Arnold Amber, just keeping it local.

This is worth the trip to 1133 W. 19th street.
Hubcap Grill
1133 W. 19th Street
Houston, TX 77008

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