Sunday, February 12, 2012

Well, it's a marvelous night for a Sundance.....

...with a little help from Van Morrison. ("Moondance" is one of my favorite songs.)

I went with Bob and Flora to the Sundance Cinema to see the movie "Safe House." It was pretty intense, but more on that in a sec. Bob drove us there in record time, using his very stealthy and scenic route down Memorial, which delivers you right into the mouth of the big parking garage under the Wortham. Parking is free for movie goers, something that is very much appreciated. With the tickets and assigned seating secured,

we made out way to the Sundance Bar, that offers, movie friendly food that is easy to eat in the dark.

Bob and Flora opted for the BBQ Quesadillas, I decided on a cheeseless mild Italian Sausage pizza.
As you can see, the bar offers handy and sturdy trays to carry your food to your reserved seats. I'm warming up to the reserved seat idea. It cuts down on the rush to secure a good seat and sending you back out into the fray to grab a tasty bite before the movie starts. Your reserved seat allows you to wait in line for dinner or a snack without getting all antsy. Tranquil was a word that was offered, as well.
BBQ Quesadillas

I did not use one of the trays, just the pizza box, which worked out just fine, besides the pizza wouldn't fit in one of the trays, unless of course, I would have taken it out of the box, folding it in quarters, like a crepe. Why?
Mild Italian Sausage Pizza without cheese with sauteed red peppers and onions.
With our food securely in hand, we went into the movie theater. I would give "Safe House" a good rating. It had me jumping in my seat. A lot of chase scenes, on foot and in cars, suspense, and towards the end a genuinely tender moment, that made the movie jump to a higher place on the rating scale. There was one continuity flub that I caught, there probably were others, but the one I saw happened outside the soccer stadium. I'm not going to tell you what it was, when you go see it, see if you catch it.

Sundance Cinemas
510 Texas Street
Houston, TX 77002

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