Saturday, January 14, 2012

And Happy Fatz off to the Heights we go.....

And to breakfast we shall go!  Happy Fatz is a dandy place.
Challah French Toast
This is Happy Fatz's Challah French Toast, egg and bacon (you can have a choice of ham and sausage, too) breakfast all for $6. A steal at any price, but especially here, because it is so doggone good.  The French Toast is toasty on the outside and softly firm on the inside. I had a hard time putting my fork down. Another breakfast choice is their vegetarian breakfast sandwich on Challah bread. It has eggs scrambled with spinach, tomato, mushroom, onion with your choice of cheese. Now that's a breakfast sandwich, all for $3. My friend Barb had this one. It's always good to take a friend to a new place, that way you can wrangle a bite of their dish, too.

Vegetarian Breakfast Sandwich

I said doggone with a hint of irony, because besides having a tremendous breakfast, the mainstay of this Heights restaurant is Hot Dogs. All beef, Hebrew National hot dogs, the best in my book. I didn't have one of their dogs today, but I plan on going back and soon. Let me share a couple of the choices that I noticed on their menu, The Lotus Hot Dog, with homemade white cheddar Pimento Cheese piped down the center of the hot dog, topped with spinach and red cabbage. The Ricky Ricardo, is a panini pressed hotdog with ham and provolone and they have chili dogs, too.
And another feature to this lovely place is their bakery. They have both Savory and Sweet cheese cake, chocolate cheesecake truffles, cakes, cupcakes and more. A stand out is the lemon bundt cake. It is moist and perfectly tart. Okay, so I have a soft spot in my heart for all things lemon, made with fresh lemon that is and this was.
Lemon Bundt Cake
Lots of windows, cozy dining area, with dining on an outside patio, as well.
This is what Happy Fatz looks like form the outside. It is located on White Oak (AKA 6th street) between Heights Blvd. and Studemont. It is casual, fun and friendly. A place that makes you want just hang out, visit and of course eat.  They have free WiFi, too.  Happy Fatz is homegrown and home owned by Rebecca and Susan. Rebecca was behind the counter this morning, she's the pastry chef.  It is great to see how enthused she is about her restaurant. It adds the extra warmth and flavor to already great dishes.

Happy Fatz
3510 White Oak Dr.
Houston, TX 77007
Closed Monday and Tuesday
Wednesday-Sunday 7am-10pm


  1. It sounds wonderful! I can't wait to go.

  2. Sure was fun that day! Great 3 dollar veggie egg sandwich, loved the bread! Really nice that they have lemon and cucumber water while you wait. Lookin forward to the salmon mouse cheesecake and some sort of doggie, dog, dog,