Friday, January 13, 2012

My other favorite thing......

The movies!!!  Old, new, black and white, color, corny, sad, happy, intense, provocative, dark, light, shocking, romantic, funny, dramatic.  I go to movies for the same reason I eat, enjoyment, nutrition, health, happiness, comaraderie, contemplation, to make me feel better, to make me think. Sometimes, there's a message hidden for me in the frames, kind of like my own version of a fortune cookie. Like yesterday. I took a break, needed to sort some things out, decided to go to an early afternoon matinee, but things had to aline perfectly for that to happen, like free parking on the street next to the Marque theater on Weslayn, I don't like paying the three dollars to park. I didn't bother checking the time, I thought if I got street parking, surely there would be a movie I wanted to see at or around 1:30, which was my arrival time. I had a free movie ticket, which added another layer to this situation, sometimes the theater won't let you use the free tickets if it is a brand new release or one of those hot blockbusters. As it turned out, there was a movie I wanted to see starting at 1:40 and they accepted my free ticket. Yippeee!! I felt Louis B. Mayer smiling upon me. "We Bought a Zoo" was the movie. It was perfect for the mood I was in. The message in the frames was: so what if your idea is whacky, if there is good intent behind it and you hang in there long enough to see it through, then guess what, it can be a reality. Take a chance, take a risk, follow your heart, your gut, your passion. I got a good cry in, too, which is always a plus! I enjoyed this film very much. It did my heart good.

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