Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The spoon, the bottle, the bubbles, not a wives tale...

My friend Taavi turned me on to this trick. I had opened a bottle of sparkling wine and at the end of the evening there was some left. I was planning on pouring it down the drain, when Taavi said "Wait, put a spoon it." "What?!!!" Taavi went on to tell me that a spoon put in the wine bottle will keep  the effervescence of the wine alive. That seemed too easy and bit naive on Taavi's part.  So being the little quasi researcher that I am, I went online to see what was up with this theory. I found two articles right away. There was one pro and one con. Here are the links for both.


Well, the two articles canceled each other out so,  I decided to conduct my own experiment. I had a left over bottle of Prosecco, Italian sparkling wine, and only a couple of glasses were poured from the bottle. What a waste to throw it down the drain, so I put a spoon in it and put it in the fridge overnight; 24 hours elapsed.
How silly I was to doubt Taavi. Here is the proof in living color!!! Bubbles and lots of them.

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