Sunday, January 22, 2012

Pondicheri Cafe....

My friend Lisa suggested this cafe on Upper Kirby. To be honest I had not heard of it, but she raved about it, so I had to go. We met there on Thursday, it was early, so there wasn't much of a crowd.  I felt immediately comfortable. The waiter was attentive, helpful, but I never felt rushed, even as the restaurant started to get busier. I loved looking over the menu. There was so much to absorb. I'm not as familiar with Indian food, but I'm learning how valuable the food is for the health of the body. Many of the spices used are anti-cancer. The flavors are varied and rich. Pondicheri Cafe uses them to full advantage. However,  I got caught up in conversation, which is a good thing. Sharing a wonderful meal with a friend is the best way to spend an evening, but I did more talking than writing (and saying a lot of OMG this is so good), so I went back Saturday morning for breakfast to write. What struck me as I sat there, quietly, looking around the cafe, is how open it is, the kitchen, the seating area, the wide high windows. I also noticed the detail in the fabrics, the subtle colors; greens, blues, golds, grey on the chairs and booths, with a splash of magenta on the dividing curtain, the deep red ceramic tile on the kitchen pass through, the raw pale grey concrete pillars, the stainless steel pots hanging in the kitchen. The restaurant is modern and traditional, a nice fusion of style. I realized that these textures and colors was exactly what was going on inside my mouth as I ate the egg sandwich with keema beef.

The boldness of the keema beef, egg and green curry juxtaposed with the gentleness of the brioche bun did a balancing act on the roof of my mouth and my tongue, fusing the old and the new.  It was delightful.  This restaurant has delicious baked goods. I took a cranberry scone to go, ate it later in the day with a cup of tea, loved it. Pondicheri Cafe also uses food from many local farms in their kitchen. For instance, that egg on top of the keema beef came from B3 Ole Dad Farms, Weimer, TX. I plan on returning to explore this varied, wonderful menu further.

Ponticheri Cafe
(Upper Kirby)
2800 Kirby Drive
Houston, TX 77098
Breakfast everyday
Counter Service
Counter Service
Table service
Happy Hour


  1. I'm sorry I kept you from writing last Thursday, but I had a wonderful time with you! I'm glad you liked it.

  2. I haven't quite mastered the eating, writing and talking thing. Thanks for recommending this restaurant.