Thursday, January 19, 2012

A crepe's tale, Westheimer at Taft......

I parked my car and walked up to the red and white awning. Full menu on the chalkboard. John is the crepe master and a very pleasant fellow indeed!!! This is where you will find some very fine crepes.

John pours on the batter. The exact right amount.
 Spreads it all around.
 It bubbles up nicely and then he flips it.
 Putting on the Strawberries and Nutella!!!
Strawberries are from Froberg Farm in Alvin, TX. Now that's local!!!

He folds it up into a nice triangle so all the insides will stay inside and puts it in a paper cone with foil wrapped on the outside of that. It keeps the heat in and allows the Nutella to melt all over inside. Yum!
And voila! a Houston Crepe.
I told John that the last time that I had had a crepe prepared on the street was in Paris. He said that is what prompted his boss to open the sidewalk creperie, a honeymoon in Paris and crepes for sale on the sidewalk.
These crepes are huge, so very fresh and wonderful. Tres bien, Oui?
The Melange Creperie is on Westheimer at Taft and on Wednesday at the Downtown City Hall Farmer's Market.
Monday, Thursday and Friday 7am to 1pm
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday (Downtown) 11am to 2 pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am to 2pm
This is a cash and carry kind of place.

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