Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Just say yes............

if  someone asks you if you would like to go to Giacoma's Cibo e Vino!!!! Yes, is the correct word. No hesitation, just a simple YES!!! I have eaten there several times and loved it every time. The first time I went I had a salad and the diver scallop on polenta tappas. That was so good and not overly filling, so I splurged and had the hazelnut chocolate pudding (Gianduia). Be prepared to relive the diner scene from “When Harry Met Sally,” it is that good. Truly the proof is in pudding. The next time I went I had the "pork and beans (porchetta e fagioli )." Great dish, very filling, couldn't eat it all. I had started with a salad with their house-made Green Goddess dressing, a dressing you don't see very often in restaurants. It is fresh, with the tarragon flavor coming to the surface in the most subtle of ways. I love that dressing and would go there just for a salad. In proceeding visits I have had the spaghetti with Bolognese sauce (suburb), minestrone soup (rich flavors), and today I wanted to try their crostinis and a salad.

There is a choice of eight toppings, I chose the Tuscan Liver Pate, Poached Chicken and the tomato, garlic, tarragon, olive oil spread. I tried all three separately and then started mixing and matching them. Lovely. After, I finished I was thinking that I wanted something hot to drink, but not coffee or tea. I’m not sure what possessed me to ask, maybe it was the rain, but I was wanting some hot chocolate. Lynette Hawkins, the head chef and proprietress was standing by when I asked about hot chocolate. She said that they do not have hot chocolate, but she was pretty sure that she could melt some chocolate, add some milk, sugar and come up with some. 

And boy howdy, did she ever. It was delicious. I was amazed and pleased, that she was so willing to give the hot chocolate a go. 
The restaurant is modern retro, I would say. Comfortable, nice lighting and friendly.   

A good choice for lunch or dinner. Oh did I mention it was an Italian restaurant on Westheimer between Kirby and River Oaks Blvd. Try it, you’ll like it. Really.
 Giacomo's cibo e vino
3215 Westheimer
Houston, TX 77098
Giocomo's is named after Lynette's beloved yellow lab, who made an exit from the planet last year. There are pictures of Giocomo as you enter the front door. You can tell he was much loved and adored.

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