Monday, January 9, 2012

Guadalupana, Guadalupana, Oh how I love thee.....

Let me tell ya why!!!!
Your Chicken Enchilada Verdes makes me weep with joy, just thinking about them with the tomatillo sauce, aromatic chicken covered in freshly sliced avocado, onions and cilantro (you can get cheese, I don’t.), is enough to wet my taste buds....oh my....
Vampiro, the drink of the gods, makes my body hum. It has layers of beet, carrot and orange juice, so pretty, too.
Flan, oh, the flan caramelized perfection.
Hot Almond Croissants that start melting in my mouth before they touch my lips.
It is heaven.
Okay a poet I am not, but truly, this little Mexican restaurant hooked onto a washateria and convenience store at the corner of Dunlavy and Indiana is not to be missed. The food is just that good. There is a selection of beef, pork and chicken dishes, along with stews and soups, sandwiches and tamales, too. It is fresh, fresh, fresh!
The pictures are a little dark. I took them right before the big storm came to town today.
Look for the Blue and White Awning!!!

A side note, about the rice and beans that come with most dishes, they are very good, especially the rice, which I normally don’t eat at most Mexican restaurants, because it's mooshy or dry or over cooked or undercooked. The rice at Guadulapana is always perfect, great flavor, right texture, I eat every bite of it.
There is seating inside and out. It's not a big place, but I seem to like the smaller places. It is has booths and tables. A great place to have breakfast, lunch or dinner. Their bakery offers a lot of treats, too.
You can see the bakery case just inside the door.
 La Guadalupana Bakery and Cafe, 2109 Dunlavy, Houston, TX 77006, Mr. Diaz Owner and Chef!!!
They are open from 
7-2 Monday and Tuesday
7-9 Wednesday-Sunday

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