Monday, January 2, 2012

The Rice Box, mobile and tasty

The Rice Box is a restaurant on wheels serving Chinese food. It parks at the corner of Westheimer and Windsor, across from Anvil. The menu is basic and small, but the quality is quite fresh and good. John and Arthur are the owners and chefs. They have big friendly smiles and great attitudes and a love for their food. The Rice Box is at the Westheimer/Windsor location six days a week from 11-3. For 6.99 you get an entree with rice, an egg roll and a fortune cookie all contained in a takeout rice box. Chopsticks optional.
Since I wrote this in 2012, the Rice Box no longer parks at the Anvil location, but I have noticed it in the evenings in front of the Central Houston Animal Hospital, next to Mark's American. Give it a try. 

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