Monday, January 30, 2012

If you are ever in Topeka.....

Don't miss going to Bobo's Drive-In, where steakburgers, onion rings, apple pie (secret recipe) and homemade root beer reign supreme.

I don't remember the first time I went to Bobo's, I do remember the most recent, Topeka, September 2011, visiting my folks. Bobo's is always on the must do list. There is a dine-in section, small u-shaped counter and stools with a few booths and tables, but for the best Bobo experience it is the car hop that proves to be the most fun.  The menu is posted on several big boards outside.
The Menu

The Car Hop

You have to roll up your car window just a bit, to make sure the tray is properly secured.
My Dad at the wheel and the official food passer-outer, mom is in the passenger seat, I'm in the back seat, rubbing my hands together and salivating.
Bobo's is always the same, which is what I love about it, because it brings back good memories and serves up great burgers. The burgers are not big. One hand will easily hold them. It's not about size but quality. I always make sure to order the onion rings, because they are the best I've had anywhere. The root beer is made fresh at Bobo's and slurping good. I think though, what Bobo's is best known for is their Apple Pie. If I can't have one of my mom's, I want Bobo's. Many people have tried to get their recipe, but they are keeping a tight lid on that. You can have a slice with soft-serve ice cream after the burger, always a good choice, or you can get whole pie to go.
Bobo's Apple Pie

They can be fully cooked or uncooked, depending on when and how quickly or for what purpose you want to eat them. The crust is so flaky, the filling perfectly sublime. I always mean to bring one back to Houston with me, but they never leave the Shawnee County line.
A quick note about the Bobo's Root Beer. IBC is my favorite, this root beer is better than IBC's!!!!!

Bobo's Drive-In
2300 10th Street
Topeka, KS 66604

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